"Be like the honeybee who gathers only nectar wherever it goes. Seek the goodness that is found in everyone." ~ Mata Amritanandamayi

About Nectary Bathware

Welcome to Nectary Bathware, where your bathing experience is redefined through a perfect blend of craftsmanship and innovation. With over 25 years of collective experience, our team comprises trained personnel dedicated to delivering excellence in every aspect. As manufacturers for leading brands, we bring a wealth of expertise to each faucet we produce. Our extensive dealer network covers the Northern and Western states, ensuring widespread accessibility and top-notch service.

At Nectary, we take pride in our commitment to environmentally friendly practices. Our faucets incorporate essential features such as aerators and flow restrictors, contributing to water conservation without compromising performance. Aerators effectively mix air with water, maintaining a steady stream and reducing overall water consumption. Meanwhile, flow restrictors limit the maximum flow rate of the faucet. Moreover, our products boast very low carbon and lead contents, reflecting our dedication to sustainability.

Choose Nectary Bathware for a bathing experience that not only reflects craftsmanship and innovation but also aligns with environmental responsibility.

Thank you for choosing us – where every drop tells a story of excellence, innovation, and timeless elegance.


Foam flow water

It comes with smooth and easy flow technology.

Elegant and easy clean

It comes with clean lines and elegant design.

Made of brass with chrome and nickel coating

Are highly corrosion resistant and long lasting bright shiny and smooth finish.

Wide Options

Choose a faucet that adds a touch of style and comfort to your space.

Stunning designs

We provide maximum functionality to your bathroom and kitchen.